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There is no qualification you can gain to become a good parent, and even years of experience in bringing up your child cannot prepare you for what might come when your children start school or when puberty strikes.

Whether you are a first-time parent and want to learn parenting skills to look after your new baby, or your child has reached a difficult age and you want to know how to handle the changes, or if you would simply like to understand more about your own developmental processes and inner child, in order to relate to your own parenting and learning style, my classes can help.

I have put together three new 6-week parenting skills courses to suit you, no matter what age you or your children are. The first is to understand and explore teenager development between the ages of 13-17 years. The second is for 0 - 2 years and the third for 2 - 12 years.

The courses will consist of larger group sessions so you will benefit from the experiences of others in a similar situation to you. Please click here [link to sessions and fees page] for prices and dates.